Residential Patrol Service

Gated Community


Whether you just need one security guard to patrol your office park a few times every hour or you need a security team to remain onsite and patrol a larger mall or campus, we will work with you to ensure all of your employees and assets stay safe.

  • We will set up a mobile security team to patrol the streets in your gated community
  • Our mobile security will make sure the outside perimeter or your housing community is secure
  • We will work in conjunction with the police to respond to
    all residents alarms
  • Our mobile patrol will go through any parking lots of community buildings to ensure no unwanted guests

Neighborhood patrol

  • We can set up a mobile patrol team to patrol a neighborhood or even more than one neighborhood
  • Our mobile patrol officers will work in conjunction with police to respond to alarms
  • Our security guards can patrol your office park or business’s campus by foot or car
  • Our mobile patrol can ensure there are no unwanted people in parking lots of schools, parks, and other community buildings

Protect your assets now!

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