Executive Protection

Executive Protection Security

Professional security services include bodyguard, executive security, and all higher level trained security is characterized by preventing dangerous situations from happening. These individuals have physical abilities that enable them to provide protection in a wide variety of situations. At OSA Security, our executive protection security team is trained to think defensively and plan ahead for varying alternatives. Their goal is to keep you safe and protect the asset.

Executive Protection – Private Security

We facilitate and organize all aspects of the assignment. We are happy to work in conjunction with local law enforcement or your own security team and personnel. Your well-being and safety is our highest priority and collaborating with like-minded individuals is a useful key to maintaining our success. We detect and mitigate risks before they materialize.

We adopt strategies to identify possible inconveniences and operate with speed and accuracy. Our staff undergoes continuous training and most have high level military, martial arts, weaponry and other combative and defensive trainings to assist them in protecting you. Our goal is smooth operations whether we are working a large event or providing protection for one person, we take our duties seriously to manage all situations, protecting our client(s), controlling the surroundings, applying restrictions as needed, responding to emergencies, collaborating with other professionals while meeting and exceeding the client needs.

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