Why Osa Security

Why OSA Security?

Our company uses a guard tour system that provides virtual guard management, and accountability of our onsite guards and our mobile patrol officers. The system consists of geofencing tracking system and a scanner with checkpoints.  The checkpoints are installed, and individually programmed specifically for each clients  property. Guards scan these checkpoints on their rounds during their shifts creating an electronic accountability system. Each checkpoint  time stamps and records location, validating  guard movement while on duty.  At the end of each shift, an activity report is generated and electronically sent to client. We can also include additional written detail, pictures, and video with the scanned reports, when necessary.

Our clients are investing in reliability and honesty, knowing where the guards in the field are, and knowing that they are doing their jobs, proving value in the service we provide.

We believe  a good security plan, communications, validity and accountability builds strong business connections and impacts the retention for long term contracts, which is essential for our business and our ability to deliver our highest and best to you our most valued asset.

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Security Officer Training


All our officers are licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and go through extensive background checks with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and California Department of Justice. We administrate a minimum of two interviews prior to hire and a mandatory 100% drug test on every potential employee (as well as random after hire).

We take great pride that our security guards are noted by all of our clients as the best on the market with their training, skills, professionalism, responsibility, attitude, tact, sobriety and uniform appearance. With constant training and supervision, we go the extra mile to make sure that our officers are always ready to do what it takes to protect your assets in a confident and professional manner.

Our security officers continue their education and training on a monthly basis.  We maintain in-house training, protocol, and procedures in addition to the outside continuing education courses.  Our officers are equipped and prepared to provide the support you need and deliver with the solutions to protect what you value most.

OSA Security is a big supporter of the “Green Program” and we offer our clients the ability to utilize our environmentally friendly means of patrols, reporting and invoicing:

  • All of our vehicles are green. Most are all electric with no emissions.
  • We offer paperless contracts, invoices, and payment options.
  • Paperless on-line reports with picture and video images by every Security Officer utilizing the latest smart phone technology
  • Geo-Fencing to provide you with accountability and certainty that our officers are where they should be at all times.



OSA Security uses top of the line software and technology to ensure you get what you pay for and we stand by our commitment to protect what you value most.  Geo-fencing is technology similar to a GPS system.  Every security guard is accountable to the geo-fencing system that designates the secure area that is their responsibility to cover.  It tracks their movements and stops.  It identifies, when, where, and how long an officer is in each spot at the location.  This accountability system also enables the officer to provide virtual reports, instant pictures, and tracking of the entire shift.  This gives you peace of mind and comfort to know that you can trust to be aware and diligent in protecting what you value most.

All of our patrol vehicles have gps tracking and we provide daily reporting and pictures sent directly to your email.  All this information is received in real-time and tracked through the monitoring system.

You want the most effective security OSA Security gives you the protection you deserve


We use real time reporting software, monitoring, and constant accountability.  Our reports provide you with detailed written reports of what the officer observed, along with pictures and video images of the incidents and proper actions of our personnel. This gives us the ability to provide our clients with complete online reports in real time by real people.

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